Dr. Roberta Bondar - Astronaut, Scientist, Author, Motivational Speaker

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Dr. Roberta Bondar, OC, O.On, MD, PhD, FRCP, FRSC, Space Scientist, Neurologist, Author, Astronaut, Photographer - In 2003, Time Magazine named Roberta Bondar one of North America's Best Explorers. Holder of the NASA Space Medal and inducted into the International Women's Forum Hall of Fame, and to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame for her groundbreaking research in space medicine, she has also received 24 honorary doctorates from Canadian and American universities.

Dr. Bondar - one of the most compelling speakers of our generation. The world's first neurologist in space, Dr. Roberta Bondar is globally recognized for her contributions to space medicine. She continued her discoveries for more than a decade, finding new connections between recovering from new environments and neurological illnesses such as stroke and Parkinson's disease. Dr. Bondar now applies her insights to help leaders (and the rest of us) adapt to the uncharted territory of work and life. From her own experiences aboard the space shuttle Discovery, Dr. Bondar shows how lessons learned from space can be applied to today's constantly changing business world.

Space is a constantly changing environment that doesn't play by Earth rules. Similarly, people and businesses facing continuing change also operate in previously unknown environments where new ways of thinking and working must be established.

Dr. Roberta Bondar is moving beyond the laboratory to share what she has discovered about the brain and how we can adapt to unfamiliar environments. Incorporating her medical and scientific research background with her first hand experience as the world's first neurologist in space, Roberta is dedicating this website to the challenges facing us as we navigate uncharted territory. She knows first hand what it means when up is not up anymore and she understands the need to innovate when chaos becomes the norm.

Dr. Roberta Bondar is one of the most compelling thought leaders of our generation. After orbiting 3,360 million miles around the Earth aboard the space shuttle Discovery, Roberta Bondar knows first hand the challenges of extreme change and disorientation.

Today, as she travels the world, she translates those challenges into meaningful and informative insights of the human condition relative to business environments.



Signature Speech

Navigating in Uncharted Territory

In surroundings that don't comply with our beliefs, how do we move forward? Why do some people chart their own course and others remain in reactive mode?

Space scientist and neurologist Roberta Bondar makes exciting connections between how our brains adapt in space to how we can adapt to constantly changing environments here on Earth. In space, severe disorientation confronts astronauts in an unfamiliar and weightless environment. Dr. Bondar unveils her findings on the science of coping with change, along with specific actions that can deal with the challenges of disorientation in today's chaotic corporate world. Any organization or industry facing uncharted territory will want to invite Dr. Bondar to their next event. Space scientist, neurologist, author, astronaut and Canada's first woman in space, Dr. Roberta Bondar will change the way you think. Forever.

Dr. Bondar's presentations step beyond isolated scientific fact to make new adventures exciting and memorable. Her energy and passion for navigating uncharted territory will inspire your attendees to thrive in any situation as she uses her creative photography to enhance new thought. She delivers tools and strategies that can be implemented immediately for effective results, customizing her presentations based upon client themes and objectives helping us move through chaos to innovation.

If your next conference wants a new perspective on thriving in chaos, then Dr. Bondar is a must-have presenter.

Customized Topics

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